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M12Prod Urban Radio | 16 January 2021

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Uhuru – Murderation

Uhuru – Murderation

Uhuru “Murderation” video clip

This time Tha 4orce has put together the production in superb fashion creating an nostalgic, hip hop enchanting beat and reggae melody which is a impactive detailed frame, while Cyclonious brings a splendid narrative that completes this master piece.
This single is uncanny and should never be overlooked!

‘Murderation’, unlocks the listener’s ear drums with well written verses that merge with the vibe of the production. From the intro to the bridge we are given a sample of a soundsman addressing another soundsman in conflict which takes the listener to the glory days of sound clashing. From Cyclonious’s ‘I spit bars just like a gattling gun, shot rounds make you turn on your axis son’ to Tha 4orce’s “See mother suckers always follow fashion we set it. All stuck up in the trap but were freedom get it?” taken from the hook is just a taste from this palatable dish served on this hip hop extravaganza.
This is a elevated spearhead for those already aware of this movement but also a meaningful yet entertaing introduction to all new comers. May the perception be unappologetic.
01. Murderation [Main]
02. Murderation [Instrumental]
03. Murderation [Instr. With Cuts]
04. Murderation [PA]
Written by: Cyclonious & Tha 4orce.
All Instrumentation, cuts and scratches by: Tha 4orce.
Produced by: Tha 4orce for Mind Tha Gap Recordings.
Photography by: Steve Taylor
Cover design by: Bad Nephew
Video shot and edited by: GlobalFaction.


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