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M12Prod Urban Radio | 13 April 2021

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Tarrus Riley – Lion paw

Tarrus Riley – Lion paw

Tarrus Riley “Lion paw” video clip

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    He’s so humble yeaaah
    Can’t touch the lion
    Lion paw Tarrus Riley
    I’m walking through the valley of test
    And I never been away caught in the wilderness
    The power of Jah perserves I
    Riding in all that I do
    So trodding through the heights and the depths
    We trample frustration and we conquer stress
    The power of Jah perserve I
    And guides in all I do
    So all the evil that mean me harm
    Can go back where they came from
    No demonic works performed shall prosper yeah
    I tell the wobiah and the science man come
    Cause they can’t squeeze my lion paw
    No demonic words performed shall prosper
    Can’t touch the lion {bridge}
    No no no
    The wages of blessing in everliving life
    So I keep my meditation in a Haile I
    I weather the storm and put up a fight
    Cause we can do anything
    Should you feel like giving up
    Let the strength of your ancenstors fill your cup
    The power of Jah preserves I
    And guides in all I do
    Selassie I Know
    Say the more
    Dem aile up
    A dem more
    Dem taste the spoil up
    And say dem more dem come wid science
    Nuh dem cyan break the heart of a lion
    The more dem aile up
    A dem more dem taste the spoil up
    The power of Jah preserve I
    And guide in all that I do
    I,I,I,I,I He’s so humble yeah yeah yeah
    Higher I,I,I,I Selassie I,I,I yeah yeah

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