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M12Prod Urban Radio | 26 January 2021

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Monkey Marc – No Surrender

Monkey Marc – No Surrender

Monkey Marc “No surrender” video clip featuring Sizzla, Capleton, Fantan Mojah, Mista Savona

Production: Warrior Films
Director: Dameon Gayle
Producer: Kim Suree
Location: Orange st, Kingston, Jamaica

The official music video for No Surrender was filmed on iconic Orange St in downtown Kingston, Jamaica. Orange St was once buzzing with Jamaica’s influential record shops and recording studios, such as Prince Buster’s infamous Record Shack, driving an outpouring of reggae, ska and rocksteady from the island.

Produced by Warrior Films and directed by Dameon Gayle, the video brings to life tough ragga vocals from reggae legends Sizzla, Capleton and Fantan Mojah, singing about life on the streets of Kingston over producer Monkey Marc’s classic heavy hip hop beat and driving bass lines.

Starting with Capleton chanting down Babylon, Fantan Mojah welcomes the listener to ‘the streets of the tough life’, declaring ‘To survive in the streets, them ask how we do it? We tell them, No surrender, no retreat!” Sizzla voices a war-cry for the poor and oppressed in Jamaica, as he calls on both the young and old to stand up and ‘make your life better’, encouraging his Jamaican community to stay positive, work hard and find a way out of poverty and sufferation.

The music video is a vibrant showcase of the Jamaican dancehall dance scene, featuring some of the most iconic Jamaican dancers and dynamic dancehall crews from across the island, including oldschool dancers Colo Colo, Boysie Roses and Koolkid, Kimiko Versatile (First Class Dancers / DanceJA), Supreme Blazers, Xqlusiv, Kriptic Klique and Team Outshine.


Intro / Capleton

Babylon days are numbered
I see dem a fall and slumber
I heard dem a bawl and blunder
So easily dem going down.
Babylon days are numbered
I see dem a fall and slumber
I hear dem a bawl and blunder
So easily dem going down.

Verse 1 / Fantan Mojah

Welcome to the streets of the tough life
As a warrior me grow up wid a rough life
When wi touch di caana, we nuh run drama
Real gangsta nuh love spotlight
When me step to the food no joke about it
Hot fire start blaze and dem cyan come out it
Anything inna me way betta move
Cause if you mek a move to me place.

Chorus / Sizzla

And me say bless up fi di poor
Make your, make your life better
Money fi di poor me say, and through the weather
Bless up fi di poor
Make your, make your life better
Better, better, better

Verse 2 / Capleton

Hey Babylon a crosses
Well the wrong set of youths them go fuss with
Woi! Them a snake under grass with
Nuff a them guh go bow to the bosses
Well a fireman a bun them ago scorch with
So we ago bun dem to ashes
A nuff youths them have as hostage
Say dem wah fi shoot dem like a portage
With them cartridge
(Deh one yah name)


Verse 3 / Sizzla

Poor people a suffer so long me observe it
Morning to night them a offer them service
Do it for the children, well make sure preserve it
Poor people more than willing and worthy
Give them everything and give them more than that
Give them everything, and give them more pan that
Poor people foundation, and me sure bout that
From the floor to the top.


Verse 4 / Fantan Mojah

Gangster rules, haffi know how fi hunt fi eat
You haffi pressure the road, seven days a week
To survive in the streets, them ask how we dweet
Tell them no surrender, me say no retreat
We living in the days of the mob
Ain’t no informing thing
Don’t call the 5-0
They will kill you for the money weh you have
When you hand the gold to make the dough
You better lie low.


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