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M12Prod Urban Radio | 22 January 2021

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Grand Unified – Music makes me feel this way

Grand Unified – Music makes me feel this way

Grand Unified “Music makes me feel this way” song featuring Kadeem

Known worldwide as one of the key independent labels championing the current sound of UK dance music, Hospital Records has long been regarded as a label that helped move drum + bass out of the late 90s doldrums and usher in a more youthful, vibrant and above all accessible era of the genre’s evolution.

Many of todays Hospital fans may be unfamiliar with some of the early releases which shaped the sound of the label in its formative years in the mid-to-late nineties and into the new millennium. This compilation draws deep into the back catalogue for some of the hidden gems and underground classics which whose influence on a new wave of producers helped shape the sound of drum + bass today.

A phrase coined by the labels founders, loungecore refers to the body of work that defined Hospitals early output.

As well as delving right back to the start, this 28-track digital-only compilation expands on the original loungecore concept, bringing in more recent signings to the Hospital roster including Logistics, Netsky, High Contrast, Nu:Tone and B Complex, alongside the early IZIT, London Elektricity, Landslide and Peter Nice Trio releases. The Loungecore album provides a wide-screen view of Hospital?s heritage and brings this to a new audience. Comes with a Dj Mix from Hospital’s CEO London Elektricity.


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