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M12Prod Urban Radio | 21 January 2021

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A-F-R-O – Grandmaster fro

A-F-R-O – Grandmaster fro

A-F-R-O “Grandmaster fro” video clip

Original beat: 50 Cent – I Don’t Need ‘Em (prod. by Buckwild)

Verse 1

A ruggish thuggish bone in my harmony zone
Get off of me, ho, I’m sluggish, and I oughta be known
I oughta be grown to slaughter our astrology, homes
This oughta be harder than most, when I’m droppin’ my drones
And all of the cops
Probably can call me the top criminal
Rock minerals, you feel ill when your artery shot
Call me your pops, bitch, Papa poppin’ shit
Papa popular, the prodigal pop at all of you imposters
So, pardon me, as I start an Apocalypse Now
Got it locked solid, slap boxin’ while I’m rockin’ a smile
Droppin’ a bomb by the pound, and all, and I’m off with the loud
You talkin’ a lot for a while, I’m stompin’ this common canal
And drop it, you oughta be – BANG! – just for fakin’ ya life
I hope at the breach of death’s steps (ya take your own life)
Because a nigga like you does not deserve to breathe
The fuckin’ air that I breathe, I swear that they ever so needy
Careful, they ever so greedy, careful, beware the deceiving
Wearing my medal achievement, see I’m the heir in this meeting
Niggas is scared when they see me, unnecessarily preaching
Leave ’em embarrassed and weeping, and everywhere niggas is bleeding, FRO!

And the crowd sings…

Verse 2

Yo, yo….
And all of you emcees ain’t nothin’ but main courses
Remain focused, the gauge spray ya brain and torso!
The best of my forces, tested rhymes extortion
Electrify, direct the sniper, next to die enforcements
Stackin’ up shotty rounds when my whole army swarm
Rackin’ up body counts like cold bodies in morgues
Defeatin’ any emcee with an ignorance they conceive
Illiterate great beast, ’cause niggerish stay in me
Track absorbin’, flashin’ forward, back and forth, black, and I have the sword
To rap it more of according to these rappers that rap it raw
But I’m back to decapitate any rapper with a cannon ball
Or any man who brawl or wanna take the crown, I snatch it off!
The black Hasselhoff, handsome, man-handle scandal broads
I hit it off and out the park like black Mickey Mantle, pa!
Back snapper cracker, bad Mama Jamma sweet whores
Like prime Pam Anderson, I need at least three more
Dimes I’m smackin’ em, they need CPR
Rhymes of a champion, never see me fall!
This rapping thing don’t work, I’m snatchin’ ya loot!
Picture me fist-fighting gorillas trapped in a zoo! FRO!

And the crowd sings…


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